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Access to social benefits, a relative concern. Group interviews with the residents of an institution offering accommodation and support ("La Boussole").Français

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Author :

Catherine Chauveaud
Grenoble, Odenore, December 2004

Collection :

Study n° 9

Language :


Addressee(s) : Institution offering accommodation and support.

Full text in french.


Methods : Series of individual interviews held from June to September 2004.

Scale : Local organization.

Resulting focus : 'The conversation often reverts to the street, without any explicit link with the rest, except to emphasize that whereas their relations with the administration are not easy (although cordial and apparently satisfactory), the street is becoming an increasingly difficult environment from which they are being closed off. Difficulties experienced with the administration don't seem to be the main ones. Prone to moments of irritation during the conversation, these men describe these difficulties as minor compared to everything they have experienced, so that what counts for them above all is to find a minimum of security and peace, before thinking about possibly regaining access to benefits and starting a new life.'