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Characteristics of non-take up of social benefits for leisure activities. A case study: La Martinique, 2009-2010 Français

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Author :

Thirot, Myriam
Odenore / CAF de La Martinique, September 2011, 55 p.

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Study n° 38

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This work was supported by CAF La Martinique

Full text, Appendix, in french


Several months of investigation with associations in Martinique specializing in pedagogical activities and family vacations have led sociologist Myriam Thirot (ODENORE), in collaboration with the « Caisse d’allocations familiales » (CAF), to present a research report addressing the failure of take-up of free time activities offered through social allocations.

This report aims first to identify the various services offering spare-time and vacation activities as well as the social allocations for leisure time activities provided to families; second, it aims to identify the characteristics of families who, although qualified for “vacation coupons”, do not use them.

Analysis of the information collected allows us to describe the structure of leisure services in a particular social, political and economic context. It also illuminates the allocation procedures used by CAF. Finally, our analysis indicates the social, familial, economic and geographic characteristics of the 20000 families who do not use the benefits. This multifaceted approach has led us to hypothesize about the probable reasons for non take-up. We will explore the avenues suggested and test them using a survey of the same population of families in 2011-2012.

This paper provides essential information about the reality of leisure offerings in 2011 and about a large part of the population of Martinique.