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Difficulties of access to the rights and services of the modest populations Inquire by questionnaires near the public of a Point Information Mediation MultiServices (PIMMS) installed in a social housing district. Français

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Authors :

Catherine Chauveaud, Hananne Mokhtari, Philippe Warin
Grenoble, Odenore, November 2006

Collection :

Study n° 19

Language :


Addressee(s) : PIMMS of Grenoble City.

Full text in french.


Method : Inquire by questionnaires (N = 325), “face to face”, statistical processing with Sphinx Lexica

Scale :  Local organization.

Resulting focus : The entire sample belongs mainly to popular categories; 72.8% foreign parents.
The social mediation causes a higher frequency of visits to the PIMMS.
12.3% of the people found rights thanks to the PIMMS.
19.8% undergo refusal of rights, especially men, less graduate and with poor social relations to help them in the event of financial problems.
74.4% estimate that the refusal of rights (or social benefits) return to a discrimination.
The majority of “refused and discriminated” do not react and do not require anything any more.