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The elders and the Personalized Aid for Autonomy (APA). Study of the under-utilization of hours recommended in Personalized Aid for Autonomy Plans in Isère.Français

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Author :

Hélène Nguyen
Grenoble, Odenore, November 2006

Collection :

Study n° 6

Language :


Master's thesis supervised by Philippe Warin.       


Addressee(s) : IEP Grenoble, Isère General Council.


Full text in french.


Methods : Statistical surveys on a database; interviews with medico-social teams, referral agents, managers of services providing domestic help or assisting the aged (and their families taking care of them).

Scale :  Department.

Resulting focus :  During the second half of 2005, the difference between billed hours and hours granted under the Aid Plans was 18%, that is, over 170,000 hours, equivalent to 2.7 million euros.
Additional interview surveys show that this under-utilization of the hours recommended is largely due to the preference given to close family, rather than to an outside professional. The lack of employees for domestic help and their high turnover is questioned.