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Non-take-up and no rights. Interview with a counsellor in (socio-professional) insertion and a mediator, leaders of a neighbourhood organization ("Relais de voisinage"). Français

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Author :

Catherine Chauveaud
Grenoble, Odenore, August 2004

Collection :

Study n° 5

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Addressee(s) : Neighbourhood support organization at the heart of a council housing estate.

Full text in french.


Methods : Group interview.

Scale : Local organization.

Resulting focus :  'Although many social workers don't give up, others have resigned themselves to ignoring problems, to just letting things go and to forgetting everything by leaving things unsaid in a society that's more and more uncertain about the type of solidarity that should bind it. Unable to help people out of situations of non-take-up, the institutions drop some of them, consider them as 'ineligible' and put them through as "profits and losses", in a sense. For an organization like this one, this type of attitude is unacceptable, for the people concerned and for the struggle against exclusion. Resignation like this runs counter to all the efforts of those who still believe there are solutions. The fight against exclusion, so difficult to construct and conduct, can only be undermined by this type of defeatism.'