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Non-take-up of Complementary Universal Health Coverage by beneficiaries of the RMI: measurement and analysis. Study at a national health fund agency (CPAM).Français

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Author :

Héléna Revil
Grenoble, Odenore, September 2006

Collection :

Study n° 5

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Master's thesis supervised by Philippe Warin.


Addressee(s) : IEP Lyon, CMU National Fund, CNAMTS, CPAM.


Full text - Summary - Balance training  IEP Lyon in french.


Methods : Statistical surveys on the CPAM databases; postal questionnaire on a sample of 300 individuals, followed by telephone interviews with 30 individuals.

Resulting focus : On 31 January 2006, a significatif part of insurance contributors at a CPAM (over 170,000) who were beneficiaries of the RMI had no complementary medical aid (CMU-C or other). The discontinuity between social benefits was therefore obvious, despite the fact that the law of 27 July 1999 guarantees access to the CMU-C for all beneficiaries of the RMI.
Moreover, the difficulties in estimating this rate of non-take-up show the limits of available information systems. However, the methodology implemented in this study has been validated. This study serves for the national evaluation of the CMU managed by the CMU National Fund.