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Non-take-up of the insertion contract by beneficiaries of the RMI: from measurement to analysis. Français

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Author :

Héléna Revil
Grenoble, Odenore, September 2005

Collection :

Study n° 1

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Master's thesis supervised by Philippe Warin.       


Addressee(s) : IEP Lyon, Isère General Council.


Text excerpts in french


Methods : Postal survey.

Scale :  Department.

Resulting focus : Non-take-up of the insertion contract can be the individual's choice and in such cases warrants a behavioural analysis. This decision is largely related to individuals' representations of their situations. It is nevertheless necessary to distinguish individuals who seek alternative solutions on their own, from those who give up and sink into a situation of desocialization. Non-take-up may stem from institutional dysfunctioning such as problems of information, delays or the updating of computerized data. Take-up or non-take-up of the insertion contract also depends largely on social workers' perceptions of the system. Social workers' weak motivation as regards the RMI and especially the occupational insertion of entitled beneficiaries seems to be a decisive element for explaining non-contractualization.