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Non-take-up of insertion contracts. Results of a questionnaire survey on beneficiaries of the RMI in Isère.Français

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Authors :

Catherine Chauveaud, Héléna Revil
Grenoble, Odenore, October 2005

Collection :

Study n° 15

Language :


Addressee(s ) : Adult Insertion Service (General Council).

Full text in french.


Methods : Postal survey in June/July 2005 (2,199 questionnaires sent to all the beneficiaries of the RMI without an insertion contract, of which 449 were returned and were exploitable); telephone interviews with 50 individuals; leadership of a research monitoring group.

Scale : Department.

Resulting focus : Over 17% of the respondents explained non-contractualization only by a lack of information. But 21% also said that they did not count on insertion contracts for finding a job because they wanted a "real job" (10%), "to get off the RMI as quickly as possible" (6%) or to "manage another way for work" (5%).
A dominant profile emerged: that of a man or woman, fairly young, often living alone, recently registered for the RMI, generally with few qualifications or skilled work experience.
In many respects their explanations relate to the characteristics of disqualifying poverty, marked by the fear of unemployment and the precariousness of jobs, anxiety about exclusion and safety, yet at the same time dependence on social services.