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Non-take-up of insertion contracts. Statistical study in 2005 on "RMI beneficiary" data at the Isère General Council.Français

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Authors :

Catherine Chauveaud, Philippe Warin
Grenoble, Odenore, October 2005

Collection :

Study n° 14

Language :


Addressee(s) : Adult Insertion Service (General Council).

Full text in french.


Methods : Statistical surveys on the Service's database; leadership of a research monitoring group.

Scale :  Department.

Resulting focus : The proportion of beneficiaries of the RMI (minimum income support) without an insertion contract in the entire population of beneficiaries has remained more or less constant (cf. Observations & Studies, N°2): it was at 15% in February 2004 (out of a total of 15,341) and at 17% in February 2005 (out of a total of 16,052). The proportion of beneficiaries who had not renewed their contracts remained at 41%.
15% of beneficiaries without an insertion contract had been receiving the RMI for over three years. Non-contractualization is therefore to a small extent a phenomenon which lasts and which is eventually accepted.
One in four beneficiaries without a contract were in the 25-29 age-group, and one in two were men living on their own. The higher the age, the smaller the proportion of beneficiaries without a contract becomes. Non-contractualization varies strongly, depending on the area, but we observe a higher level in the main urban area of the Department.