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Non-take-up in the life history of five women. Interviews in a temporary accommodation institution.Français

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Author :

Catherine Chauveaud
Grenoble, Odenore, July 2004

Collection :

Study n° 4

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Addressee(s) : Institution offering temporary accommodation.

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Methods : 2 successive group interviews with three women and two individual interviews, all in March 2004.

Scale : Local organization.

Resulting focus : These testimonies relate the difficulties of obtaining access to benefits, encountered by individuals who are not "in abject poverty" but find themselves in more or less chronic situations of precariousness. There is a combination of several factors. In particular, the complexity of family situations along with a lack of knowledge about the system results in people not claiming the rights to which they are entitled. Some of these women are wage-earners. Despite their low incomes and the temporary nature of their jobs, they did not think they were entitled to benefits and therefore failed to contact the social services early enough. As a result they lost time and the right to certain forms of income support. All of them rank access to benefits by order of importance. Having their own accommodation is always a priority, especially above their own health.