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Non-take-up in publics received by a social support organization. Statistical surveys on the social data of the temporary support service for social insertion (SATIS – Service d'accompagnement temporaire vers l'insertion sociale).Français

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Authors :

Catherine Chauveaud, Philippe Warin
Grenoble, Odenore, April 2006

Collection :

Study n° 17

Language :


Addressee(s) : SATIS, CCAS de Grenoble.
Full text in french.


Methods : Statistical surveys; interviews with social workers at the organization; leadership of a monitoring group for the study.

Scale : City.

Resulting focus :  The statistical analysis concerns people whose social support reached an end in the year 2005 (n=155). It indicates that 41% had no income when they arrived at the SATIS. Of those, 14% left the SATIS without any income either. All the others, that is, 86%, gained access to resources, in the form either of salaries (22%) or social benefits (62%), especially the RMI (almost a third). This distribution indicates a high level of recovery of social benefits, reflecting large-scale non-take-up of social benefits at the time of arrival at this specialized institution. However, 32% of the individuals without an income upon arrival interrupted their social insertion mid-way, of their own accord. They disappeared without a word after the first interview, took no steps towards insertion and failed to show up for interviews. There is a strong chance that they slide back into a difficult situation where they are excluded from the benefits which could have been activated.