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NTU of healthcare by workers in precarious situations Individuals unemployed for over a year; young people in the professional insertion phase. Intermediate scientific report.Français

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Authors :

C. Chauveaud, A. Rode, P. Warin (PACTE/Odenore), C. Chatain, S. Gutton, E. Labbe, J.-J. Moulin, C. Sass (CETAF)
Grenoble, Odenore, July 2007

Collection :

Study n° 22

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Addressee(s) : National Research Agency. (ANR – Agence Nationale de la Recherche).

Full text in french.


Methods :  Statistical analysis of the RAIDE database of the CETAF (periodical health check-ups at the national health insurance health examination centres; n=600,000 individuals); interviews with consultees (over 100).

Scale :  National.

Resulting focus : The aim of this research was to develop a quantitative and qualitative analysis of workers in precarious situations. The general focus is on the relationship between "absence of on-going medical care" or "non-take-up of care", on the one hand, and the absence of stable employment, income and social security, on the other. Unfavourable socio-economic conditions and the weakness of relational support appear to be the main invariants when the two groups are compared.