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Reviewing the structural causes of exclusion. Discussion with the residents of an institution offering accommodation and support ("La Boussole").Français

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Author :

Catherine Chauveaud
Grenoble, Odenore, December 2004

Collection :

Study n°10

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Addressee(s) : Institution offering accommodation and support.

Full text in french.


Methods : Focus group formed after the screening of the film "Les combattants de la pauvreté", consisting of 6 residents and 2 professionals.

Scale : Local organization.

Resulting focus : The points of view highlight the social and economic dead-ends which result in situations of precariousness and exclusion. Rejection by the professional world and the limits of insertion (or reinsertion) measures are presented as structural causes. The personal stories mentioned during the discussion point to an absence of prospects, regarding both employment and housing. The participants therefore question the place and role of institutions like the one in which they are. Their necessity is obvious, but they wonder if they aren't also places where people are forgotten, despite the work of reconstruction and accompaniment carried out there.