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School pupils' health and non-take-up. Analysis of the social and medical data for 2003-2004,.Français

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Authors :

Catherine Chauveaud, Philippe Warin
Odenore, October 2005

Collection :

Study n° 16

Language :


Addressee(s) : City of Grenoble's Public Health Service.

Full text in french.


Methods : Statistical surveys; leadership of a research monitoring group.

Scale : Commune.

Resulting focus : For the 2003-2004 academic year, 246 students were reported as having social and medical problems, that is, close to 14% of the total school-going population in the 7 groups of nursery and primary schools in Sector III of the City of Grenoble (neighbourhoods with council housing, and others). Compared to data from 2002-2003 (cf. Observations & Studies, N°1), we note a marked increase of children reported as having social problems, but a relative stability regarding health. We also observe an accumulation of lasting difficulties:
- In almost half the cases of children reported as having a social problem, a social worker had intervened during the year. More than one in five children were reported several times during the year for the same health problem or even for several.
- From one year to the next, almost one child in four was consistently concerned by the same social problems.
- Not taking this prevention into account generates situations of avoidance of social services, and of failure to follow medical and dental recommendations, which may entail a risk of delays in applying for benefits or a non-take-up of benefits.