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Take-up strategies. Debate with residents at an institution offering accommodation.Français

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Author :

Catherine Chauveaud
Grenoble, Odenore, September 2004

Collection :

Study n° 7

Language :


Addressee(s) : Institution offering temporary accommodation.

Full text in french.


Methods :  Focus group based on the screening of the film "Les combattants de la pauvreté", consisting of 2 residents and 1 professional.

Scale :  Local organization.

Resulting focus : 'Evidently, it's difficult to know about all the possibilities for aid (…). Therefore, the first place that people seek help is with the social worker (…). But for people in difficulty, urgency is incompatible with long delays. The two women recognize this. They have already ended meetings with social workers or other professionals because those professionals fail to engage in an immediate search for solutions. The powerlessness of professionals is identified straight away, so as not to lose time and to carry on their search elsewhere. As a result, in the end everything depends on the person's will to continue, once they've perceived the limits of the organizations willing to help them. In the final analysis, all that's left is the motivation of those in difficulty, to project themselves forwards in the hope of obtaining benefits.'