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Favouring access to healthcare for beneficiaries of social minima. Explaining the CMU-C and the ACS to potentially eligible populations.Français

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Authors :

C. Chauveaud, P. Warin.
Grenoble, Odenore, November 2009

Collection :

Study n° 32

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Addressee(s) : Government – Haut commissariat aux solidarities actives contre la pauvreté (high commission for active solidarity against poverty), "Social experimentation 2008" Programme.

CMU-C (Couverture maladie universelle complémentaire): free complementary health insurance for medical expenses not covered by the basic national health insurance; persons legally resident in France with an income below a certain threshold are automatically eligible.
ACS (Aide complémentaire santé): financial assistance to pay for complementary health insurance, for persons with an income below a certain threshold who nevertheless earn too much to qualify for the CMU-C.

Full text in french.


Methods : Social experimentation and reciproqual qualification methods.

Scale : Region, Department.

Resulting focus :  The study undertaken shows that the development of targeted and individualized actions consisting of explanations, and which differ from the usual impersonal administrative information disseminated en masse, represents a significant working hypothesis for solving the public problem of the absence of take-up of complementary health insurance among people eligible for the CMU-C or for the ACS. This working hypothesis seems not only effective but also relevant, in relation to the proposals made by the actors associated with this social experiment. The present study shows that by explaining the CMU-C and ACS, better results are obtained in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, than with mass information (whose results are generally mediocre).
A 20-minute film "Tous pour une complémentaire santé" ("Everyone for complementary health insurance") was produced by the company Soft Audiovisuel, based on this social experiment, and is available from ODENORE.