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A case of non-take-up in Poland. Unemployed youth of the Wadowice canton and employment policies.Français

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Author :

Bartłomiej Barcik
Grenoble, Odenore, October 2008

Collection :

study n° 12

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Master's thesis supervised by Philippe Warin.   

Addressee(s) : IEP Grenoble.

 Full text in french.


Methods :  Documentary research – Interview survey of twenty unemployed youth at the Wadowice labour office.

Scale :  National / Local.

Resulting focus : The notion of social rights as we know it in France has no equivalent in Poland. This is due to the history of the social state in that country. The question of non-take-up of social rights is therefore not on the agenda or even perceived as a problem. A field survey in Poland has nevertheless shown that the phenomenon is present and can be identified. The programme "A better tomorrow", co-funded by the European Social Funds, has brought to light a form of non-take-up of benefits for unemployed youth. Evidence was found of exit from the system, in data produced for the EU by management agencies. These data need to be reconstructed if they are to be visible. Interviews with twenty unemployed young people showed that one of the reasons for non-take-up was disinterest in the benefits proposed. In this case, NTU reflects disillusionment in the policies sponsored by the EU. The political consequence of this NTU by exit from could be the disintegration of a feeling of European belonging and a withdrawal, with a preference for individual strategies of managing alone and surviving.