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Measuring non-take-up: political problem and scientific questionFrançais

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Author :

Vial Benjamin


Stéphanie Abrial, Philippe Warin (maître de stage)
Grenoble , Odenore, September 2010, 59 p.

Collection :

Study n°15

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Master’s thesis: Master 2 PROGISS – Science-Po Grenoble, Master 2 Spécialisé "Progis, Etudes d'Opinion et de Marché".

Full text in french.


The non-take-up (NTU) of rights and services is very widespread in the case of certain public offers, yet many people are unaware of it. Our aim is to identify the political implications and methodological pitfalls in measuring this complex reality. From the creation of data to its instrumentalization, we analyze the potentialities and limits of possible empirical solutions. Knowing how to measure means above all knowing exactly what one is measuring. We show why a relevant quantification of NTU depends on a precise and detailed qualification of the phenomenon. For this purpose, we highlight the methodological advantages of the local approach to NTU.