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Neighbourhood action: offer of services and results. Comparative study of the Maisons de services publics and the Points Informations Multiservices. Français

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Author :

Thomas Van Ganse
Grenoble, Odenore, October 2008

Collection :

Study n° 13

Language :


Master's thesis supervised by Philippe Warin.   


Addressee(s) : IEP Grenoble.


Full text in french.



Methods : Interview survey on institutional actors – literature review.

Scale : Natrional.

Resulting focus : The tendency observed, to slide towards PIMMS’ model, attests to the place of the main public service operators in the urban management of neighbourhoods. The exhaustion of a logic of contact thus seems to be (re)transferred towards a more classic logic of the offer of compound services. The current interest of the PIMMS in an improvement of their knowledge on the publics received seems to confirm the hypothesis of their propensity to reinvent the construction of a social link.