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Neighbourhood public services and their publics. Need for knowledge, need for tools? 1 – Exploratory inquiry on the monitoring of non-take-up in the Maisons de services publics.Français

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Author :

Thomas Van Ganse
Grenoble, Odenore, May 2008

Collection :

Study n° 10

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Report on practical work for Master’s thesis supervised by Philippe Warin.       


Addressee(s) : ODENORE.


Full text in french.


Methods : Interview survey of the national network of neighbourhood public services. Internship report.

Scale :  National.

Resulting focus :  One of the aims of neighbourhood structures such as the Maisons de services publics (MSP) is to facilitate access to rights and services. They may therefore seem to be potential spaces of production of information on the NTU phenomenon. This study has nevertheless yielded different results. Despite their organizational diversity, the MSP have only a partial perception of the phenomenon. They prefer not to produce up-to-date information on their user publics as they believe that this would change the nature of their work. Information on these publics, which is useful for providing insight into the NTU phenomenon, paradoxically seems to be limited in interface structures.