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Neighbourhood public services and their publics. Need for knowledge, need for tools? 2 – Exploratory inquiry on the monitoring of NTU at "Information, Mediation and Multiservice Points" (Points d’Information, Médiation, Multiservices – PIMMS). Français

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Author :

Thomas Van Ganse
Grenoble, Odenore, September 2008

Collection :

Study n° 11

Language :


Report on practical work for Master’s thesis supervised by Philippe Warin.       


Addressee(s) : ODENORE.


Full text in french.


Methods : Interview survey on the national network of PIMMS. Complement to internship report.

Scale :  National.

Resulting focus : By referring to their necessity to be neutral and their mission as "strictly" mediation, the PIMMS show no need for additional information on their publics. They do however show an interest in investigating the take-up/non-take-up of their mediation offer. Today these agencies consider that they are however in a less legitimate position than others to have detailed knowledge of their publics. They fear that more knowledge in this respect could alter some of the principles underpinning their action, i.e. neutrality, confidentiality, and trust.