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NTU detected in the clients of the Relais de Voisinage ("neighbourhood relay").Français

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Authors :

Antony Amar, Richard Ufarte
Grenoble, Odenore, May 2007

Collection :

Study n° 7

Language :


STID – Statistiques et Traitement Informatisé des données. Practical training supervised by Catherine Chauveaud.

 Addressee(s) : STID, Relais de Voisinage.

Text available in french at odenore.


Methods : Statistical analysis of daily quantitative and qualitative data at the Relais. Data obtained by means of an ad hoc identification tool concerning 1,192 visits by 147 individuals in 2006.

Scale : Local.

Resulting focus : Fewer men than women visit the Relais but they are more often found to be in a situation of NTU. Those individuals who visit the Relais most often are the most likely to be in a situation of NTU. This finding confirms the importance of neighbourhood agencies in identifying difficulties of access to social benefits and those groups in a situation of NTU.