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The relation to healthcare benefits and services (take-up and NTU) of immigrant men of North African origin, over the age of 55 and living in a hostel. Français

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Author :

Marion Louyot
Grenoble, Odenore, September 2007

Collection :

Study n°9

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Master's thesis, supervised by Philippe Warin.       


Addressee(s ) : IEP Grenoble, Observatory on discrimination in inter-cultural territories (ODTI – Observatoire des discriminations sur les territoires interculturels).


Full text in french.


Methods :  Interview survey on aged migrant residents, hostel managers, doctors.


Scale : Local.


Resulting focus : There are many reasons for NTU of healthcare by aging migrant men resident in hostels. Here NTU should not be observed in terms of criteria that fail to integrate these men's relationship with their health, their bodies and their pain. Although a general situation of NTU characterises these men, it has been found that the attention paid to them in the places in which they live, especially by professionals, facilitates their access to healthcare benefits and services considerably, and increases the likelihood of them sticking to their medical prescriptions. It therefore seems necessary to examine institutional assistance.