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Welcome to the Observatory on Non-Take Up (NTU) of Social Rights and Public Services Français

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What is Non-Take-Up ?

The phenomenon of non-take-up (NTU) concerns people who, for a variety of reasons, do not contact the relevant services to claim the economic and social rights to which they are entitled. Focused originally on social rights, NTU is spreading to different public domains. From non-knowledge, to non-reception and non-demand, NTU situations raise questions of the effectiveness and relevance of the public offer. These have fundamental implications for its evaluation.


The decision to create an observatory was based on the results of exploratory research on the NTU of state services, which showed a lack of tools for measuring the phenomenon and obtaining data on it.

In 2002 Odenore was awarded the quality label France Qualité Publique. In the following year it officially became part of PACTE ("Public Policies, Political Action, Territories"), a CNRS laboratory at the Institute of Political Studies of Grenoble and participates in the theme "Social-Questions and inequalities".

In 2009, Odenore was given the status of a “Technology Research Team” (TRT) by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. This team is internal to the CNRS Joint Research Unit PACTE.

Odenore is located at the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Alpes where it runs "the reception of policies by their public" programme. It leads  the NOREDS program, supported by the INSHS of the CNRS and the MSH National Network. The main objective is to develop a platform of data on non-take-up of social rights and public services. Odenore participates in the collective "SOIF de connaissances".